This IDIOT Sold The Most Expensive Item In Escape From Tarkov For 1% Of It’s Worth And I’m Legitimately Sick

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Seriously, I really feel like I’m about to throw up. 

For those that haven’t really experienced Escape From Tarkov, it’s a PC exclusive hardcore looter shooter that gives you an adrenaline rush unlike any other game I’ve played in a very long time. You gear up, load into a map, loot through the map, kill rival players, and try to exfil from the map with your loot. But here’s the big kicker: if you die, you lose EVERYTHING. Not just everything you found in that raid, but also everything you brought with you. There’s no easy mode, no safety net, and no training wheels. You start out with around 300k roubles (in game currency) and if you lose it all in raid, you’re fucked. You get to run around “naked” with a knife until you grind your money back up. 

At first, it took me a little while to enjoy myself in the game because I didn’t have anything that valuable and I was just running in with dogshit gear. But all it takes is one run where you find a rare item or a juicy fully kitted gun to get addicted. In my first 14 days of playing the game, I’d racked up over 90 hours of gameplay. For me, that puts this game in the same category as MW2, Halo 3, Overwatch, and the first couple of seasons of Fortnite; all titles that made me run on only 3-4 hours of sleep a night because I was so addicted.

Well, now that I’ve briefly explained the game, let me explain why this is so fucking sickening. Like when I first saw this clip my heart sank to the fucking floor and I didn’t know if it was from anger or sadness. I probably average around 200k-400k roubles per run in Tarkov. Sometimes I get lucky and have a run for over 1M, but that’s only if I find some super rare loot or I kill 2-3 fully kitted players. This guy, TST Jorge, found one of the most rare and expensive items in the game: a red Labs keycard. That keycard alone sells for 25M. To put that even more into perspective, I’ve spent over 140 hours on this game and I’ve only ever had around 4M roubles max. This guy, on one run, made over 25M roubles...and sold everything for 300k. 

Yep. I’m actually gonna go vomit now. Pour a drink out for Jorge this weekend gentlemen. 

*Tarkov aside, we're still looking for that CoD Gunfight partner for $25K...