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Zac Brown at Fenway? Yes Please! – Live Nation and the Red Sox have announced that country-bluesy group Zac Brown Band will play Fenway Park on Saturday, June 28. The three-time Grammy Award winners will follow up Billy Joel’s June 26 performance at Boston’s ballpark. Tickets for the Zac Brown Band show go on sale March 29 at 10 a.m.

FUCK YEAH! I’ll see you suckers in the front row! I mean if you told me I could pick 1 band or person to play Fenway Zac would be it. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Can’t wait for this to come around. And for all you idots who aren’t on the Zac Brown train yet here are his best 12 songs. All fire jams. You could argue any of them in the top spot. That’s how good he is. He makes guys like Kenny Chesney look like a Bat Mitvah singer.

12. Where The Boat Leaves From
11. No Hurry
10. Toes
9. Let it Go
8. Keep Me In Mind
7. Uncaged
6. Knee Deep
5. Settle Me Down
4. She’s Walking Away
3. Free
2. Chicken Fried
1.Sweet Annie