The Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Dropped With A Hell Of A Reveal

Oh fuck yeah, we are going extra commie in Season 4 huh? You don't break out that scary Russian music and forced labor in the snow unless you are diving deep into some Stalin level shit. 

Oh yeah and Hopper is alive too. I suppose that's a pretty big deal. I was 50/50 on whether Officer Big Cat was actually going to be gone for good just because his "death" and that letter to Eleven had such a strong impact that may or may not have had me crying. And if Hopper was alive, I didn't know how long it would be until they revealed he was "the American" the Russian guards spoke of since they would probably have to keep David Harbour out of all the promotional sides of things that Netflix would want to do since who has an actor travel the country to promote a show he died in? Instead, Hopper is #back, hopefully with more of a twist than he went through the Upside Down and landed on the other side of the world through a portal. Maybe he has some demogorgon in him now, maybe he is in the Russian version of the Upside Down, or maybe just maybe this is all a Netflix-Disney cross-promotional origin story for his Red Guardian character in the new Black Widow movie.

Okay, I'm gonna dismiss that last one. But still excited to see the demons and the Ruskies go down in Stranger Things 4!

Wait, what was that?

...Shit. I know the US won the Cold War in real life, but I feel like 80s America is in real trouble right now because even The Mind Flayer ain't got shit on The Many Faced God.