Myles Garrett Has Doubled Down That Mason Rudolph Called Him A Racial Slur, Causing Him To Attempt Murder

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett again alleged that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph used a racial slur toward him just prior to the brawl at the end of their November game.

"He called me the N-word," Garrett told Outside the Lines' Mina Kimes during an interview that debuted Thursday night on SportsCenter. "He called me a 'stupid N-word.'"

Myles Garrett is either the biggest liar or Earth, or the NFL is behind an old fashioned cover up that needs to be investigated. Because the fact that Myles just doubled down on this claim is an absolutely absurd thing to do over 3 months later, especially after the NFL said they investigated it and found "no such evidence".

It's 2020 (2019 at the time), THERE IS A HOT MIC SOMEWHERE. Where is it Goodell? Where is the video???? I say this: release the tapes and ban the liar for life. Who wouldn't want that? Live stream Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph from their homes, watching it at the same time. Does he say it or not? Both sides are adamant. Let's put our money where our mouth is! Because this is such a serious accusation that we need the truth, and the other side needs to get the axe. I simply refuse to believe there isn't audio of this. No way, Goodell. I watch video after video of outakes on the sidelines, and then I can hear every single thing Baker says from anywhere on the field, but we don't have a hot mic on a Thursday Night Football game that can pick up the quarterback or the star player from the defense? Bullshit.

I will say this on the situation: it's incredible to me that no one else heard it. Not saying it isn't true because obviously I don't know, but Myles Garrett not mentioning it to anyone until three days later is......weird. I would've ran right to the cameras and justified what I did immediately. If that was the lead story the next day on all of the talk shows, I don't think Myles Garrett gets suspended indefinitely. I think the Stephen A's and Skip Bayless' of the world spend the next week discussing who was more at fault, and ultimately, both sides get a minor punishment. But because Myles apparently decided to keep it to himself until he appealed his suspension, he got hammered while Mason Rudolph got to keep playing. Well, sitting on the bench.

Here's the interview to see what Myles said:

Bold strategy, Myles Garrett. I would've just accepted my reinstatement and moved on. UNLESS he truly said it. Which is maybe why he's still talking about it…..

The NFL needs to clear someone's name here. Someone is lying about a career / character ruining situation. Do the right thing for everyone involved, including their own reputation, and release the investigation procedures or evidence they found. There's audio somewhere, Goodell. Everyone knows it.