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Vernon Davis Fake Crying On SportsCenter Will Be The Most Uncomfortable Thing You Watch All Day

I...I don't exactly know what I just watched if I can be honest. For about half the video I was convinced Vernon Davis forgot every line in his upcoming movie. It looked like this was going to be one of those awkward videos where we watch someone's brain fry in real time. I mean they had to have gone over the questions beforehand right? You do a live interview on SportsCenter like this and it's all pretty much scripted. Davis had to have told Matt Barrie to ask this question right? Bizarro world. 

The first time I watched this I was on my couch. The moment Davis started crying I proceeded to move my phone further and further away from my face in pure 2nd hand embarrassment. I'm not sure I've ever been that uncomfortable. What in the world is happening here? You're asked to recite a line and your go-to move is to just start hyperventilating? I don't know whether to call the psych ward or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to alert them that we have a winner for the 2021 Oscars. I was convinced he was having a panic attack and was too overcome by the on the spot question to handle the moment. 

All I know is when the next Oscars role around in February of 2021 we should all expect to see....*checks notes......*double checks notes....Vernon Davis for best actor.