Pretty Cool Moment As #ZillionBeers Is Shouted Out On A Poker Broadcast From South America

That's my boys Brent and Jeff, the announcers over on PokerGo, giving Zillion Beers, Barstool Sports, and of course the love of my life Cracking Aces big time shout outs. It turns out Zillion Beers is making dreams come true from sea to shining sea. Dana's love of guzzling beer has the world talking, the world following his every move including his new ass tattoo that KFC's 2 year old son so heroically designed.

Wait, being told it was an actual tattoo artist who did it.

So perfect. A "Zillion Beers" tattoo should be EXACTLY that.


1 million dollars by Sunday night. I think he'll get there. Once again shout outs to BHanks and Jeff for the love.

I don't know what it'll take for the powers that be at Barstool to recognize it and it bums me out every single day that I can't get any respect from them, but the fact my peers in the poker world, the guys who are at the top of the poker media world, are listening to and giving props to the podcast means the world to me. 


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Thank you and gosh bless.