Zack Kassian, Hockey Player Wearing Hockey Skates, Kicks His Opponent Square In The Chest Like An Absolute Psycho

This. Is. EDMONTON!!!!

Fuck, buddy. Some guys grow up wanting to be Doug Gilmour out there on the ice, other guys grow up wanting to be Happy Gilmore and try to stab someone with their skates. You'd think a guy who was just coming off of a suspension a couple weeks ago would try to avoid catching an attempted murder charge but here we are. 

I'll tell you what though. This is a great advertisement for whatever gear Erik Cernak is wearing. My guy took that quarter inch steel blade to the sternum like it was nothing. Imagine if this was beer league where guys aren't rocking any uppers? That would be an impromptu open heart surgery. Either way, I hope Zack Kassian has a few places on his bucket list he'd like to travel to because I can't imagine he'll be playing much hockey for the next couple of weeks.