Breaking News: The Nard Dog Is The Graduation Speaker At Cornell This Year



Cornell - Actor and comedian, Ed Helms — best known for his role as passionate Cornell alumnus Andy Bernard ’95 on NBC’s The Office — will address graduating seniors at convocation this year, the Class of 2014 Convocation Committee announced Tuesday. During his run on The Office, Helms made a name for himself as Andy Bernard, a paper salesman at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, who frequently references his time at Cornell. With lines such as “I graduated from anger management the same way I graduated from Cornell: On time,” Bernard is, perhaps, Cornell’s most famous fictional alumnus.
Corey Earle ’07, associate director of student programs in the Office of Alumni Affairs, said he believes Ed Helms was “an appropriate choice” for this year’s Convocation ceremony. “An entire generation of Cornellians, when they think of Ed Helms, think of a Cornellian in pop culture,” Earle said. “I’m also definitely happy to see the committee pick someone who’s not a politician as those speakers tend to be more polarizing among the Cornell community.”


Well Cornell just won Graduation this year. Just a brilliant move getting the Nard Dog to be the speaker at Convocation. Probably the most brilliant move in the history of moves. Can the public go to this? Like I’m dying to hear this speech. Almost as much as I’m dying to watch Andy interview Dwight right now when Dwight applies to go to school there. Somehow this clip doesn’t exist on the internet? Be better than this internet. Be better than this. Either way I’m so jealous I’m not a Cornelliun I can’t even stand it.