Kevin Garnett's #5 Is Headed To The Rafters!!!!


What a surprise from the clouds! I know since the KG era ended there was always the debate as to whether or not KG would get his jersey retired. I could see both sides, he was basically the reason this team finally won a title in 2008, but he only played 6 seasons in Boston. Well you forget the Celtics retire every single number in existence so I'm OK with it. Shit you could tell me every member of the 2008 team should get their number retired and I'd probably be down. Garnett brought me a level of joy I didn't know was possible so if that means nobody else will ever wear #5 then fine by me. Put him and Pierce next to one another and call it a day.

Now, does this mean Ray Allen is also going to get that treatment? He was pretty important to that title too, but I'm going to be a hypocrite and say no. Dude left to go play with LeBron. Plus Hayward is going to have that number for a while so tough luck. 

Kevin Garnett will forever be a Celtics legend, he changed this entire franchise. His jersey retirement is going to be waterworks city I already know