Happy Anniversary To John Chaney Threatening (And Failing) To Kill John Calipari

One of the most iconic phrases in all of sports. 'I'll kill you.' That was stated 26 years ago today and let me tell you. Boy, am I glad that John Chaney was all talk and was unable to take down John Calipari. What would life be like without Coach Cal? Billy Gillispie still roaming the sidelines? Missing out on him and ending up with someone that's not Coach Cal at Kentucky? P.U. No thank you. 

But really this is just a reminder of a sneaky pick for the 'man, I wish Twitter was a thing for this event' category. Imagine the takes all across Twitter the moment this happened. Imagine what would happen the moment this picked up steam. It's up there with all the great moments of what could have been a hell of a night on Twitter. Remember this was two ranked teams playing each other. UMass won on a game-winner with a few seconds left. 

We don't see gems like this anymore. Coaches would be fired over this. We'd have a week long discussion about how they weren't acting like leaders. A coach walking in to another coach’s press conference and threatening his literal life is so goddamn funny. Because you know what? That's what he STARTED with. He then went 'I'm gonna kick your ass.' But then he went down one more. He finishes with the threat of having a guy on his team punch someone on UMass. That's pretty much like the Knicks in free agency. We're gonna land Kevin Durant and Kyrie! We end up with Taj Gibson. 

Not only that. People debated if Chaney would even be suspended! Imagine debating if there'd be a suspension today fora threat like this. But don't worry Chaney had the harsh punishment of one game. What a goddamn time. Thanks for not killing Coach Cal, John Chaney. Really appreciate it. I wouldn't want a world where Coach Cal isn't a Kentucky head coach.