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Bear Market Incoming? Banker Leaves Job To Become Sex Worker

We've been in a bull market for close to 11 years now. I'm not complaining and I'm sure you aren't either. The issue? Every bull market comes to an end, and this one is the longest ever recorded. The thought process is that we are nearing the end of a phenomenal economical run. The start of a bear market and the end of a bull market is hard to predict, so economists look everywhere for indicators. Just as I'm not a financial analyst, I'm no economist, however, I may have found myself an indicator of a nasty bear market reaping it's ugly head up. 

SOURCE-Nearly four years ago, I purposely left a comfortable nine-to-five corporate finance career for the opportunity to be a sex worker.

At the time, I had spent six years working in the finance industry, taking on roles in both banking and asset management.

Good news: my financial analyst of a bull market incoming is incredibly wrong, due to this change in job happening 4 years ago and this individual being from Canada. 

There were so many days at the office I’d catch myself fantasizing about what it might be like to have a random Tuesday afternoon free. How it might feel to have a leisurely lunch, or walk my dogs without having to rush.

Classic "the rat race of life caught up to me so I became a sex worker" story. 

After only four weeks of dipping my toe into the sex work industry, I quit my job. I was quickly falling in love with my newfound career, and I couldn’t imagine spending another day under fluorescent lighting, wondering what I might do if I had more agency over my time.

I respect it. Would I do it? Probably not. I'll pretend it's for morals, but it's more that no one would want me as their escort. However, I still respect this decision by Madison. 

Many of us have created a brand, identified a niche market, designed and directed our own content creation, maintain social media presences, answer all our own emails, and customize the experiences we provide to suit our clients. Additionally, many of us do our own web-design, SEO, and monitor our analytics.

The analytics movement has hit the sex work industry! Nobody tell the boomers!