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Serialously: Podcast About A Podcast Episode 2

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Our second episode breaking down the cultural phenomenon that is Serial. We hit you with our first recap before Thanksgiving and now we’re diving into episode 10 with Christina Gutierrez. The three of us have settled into our roles here:

Feits 100% thinks Adnan did it

BC 100% Adnan didnt do it, will go as far to say Jay did it and acted alone

I 100% believe Adnan should not be in prison. Reasonable doubt all over the fucking place.

So you get a nice little spectrum from us as we breakdown all the talking points of this show. But the real highlight of this new weekly show is the intro that Super Producer BC has whipped up. If nothing else, make sure you listen to the first minute and a half because the intro is perfection. BC’s best work by a mile.

Still trying to reel in Asa Akira. She’s gone MIA after our initial convo. Shes been too busy making porn I think. I’m workin on it.