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Breaking News: Vince Stays!!!



So to recap: The Patriots have brought back their entire offense… the 3rd highest scoring O in the NFL… plus they’ve made additions to it.  Then they were facing two major losses on defense. Except when Aqib Talib left they upgraded his position to the best cornerback in the game.  And now the other major loss isn’t going anywhere.  Vince Wilfork… one of the best nose tackles of his era, a leader, team captain, face-of-the-franchise type guy who spent his season on Injured Reserve traveling with the team as a de facto assistant coach… isn’t going anywhere after all.  And he’s signed a team friendly deal that will for all intents and purposes make him retire as a Patriot For Life, just as God and Mr. Kraft intended.  I have no doubt he was hurt about the Pats asking him to restructure his deal.  But all the speculation about how he’d never resign here and how Bianca was furious and all that turned out to be nothing but talk show filler.  The media putting words in his mouth.  Just a complete fiction.  And now it’s rewarding to see cooler heads prevail.  It was never personal; just business.  All he asked for was his release to see what the market would bear.  He didn’t blow up any bridges or run to Ron Borges and say all sorts of inflammatory shit he couldn’t take back.  And on the other side, Belichick proved once again that his greatest genius is not letting little molehill differences of opinion turn into mountain ranges of major, team-killing controversies.  And as Pats fans, we get back one of the most iconic, beloved players of the modern era.  Most importantly, we’re seeing the team that made it to football’s Final Four brought back in its entirety, with no significant losses and plus a few major upgrades.  Not bad for the supposedly cheapest team in the NFL.  @JerryThornton1

>rrrippp< Vince stays!!!


PS. This would’ve been a great deal an hour ago.  Why I didn’t jump all over it when I had the chance I’ll never know.

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