Amazon's Jeff Bezos Sets Record With $165M Home Purchase

I'm feeling a little bitter about this Bezos news seeing as the smell of my cat's mud bricks woke me up this morning since we share a studio apartment. When he craps in the living room litter box there's nowhere I can go to get away from it because that's also my bedroom. (He's still the best and this is the second blog of the day where I brought him up. Just saying, this absolute unit can drop some doozies in our tiny home. His shit stinks.)

Speaking of absolute units, a record breaking home in Los Angeles was just snatched up for a record price by the top mega mogul: 

From Reuters

Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos, the world’s wealthiest person, has purchased a Beverly Hills mansion known as the Warner Estate from media mogul David Geffen for $165 million, a source familiar with the deal said on Wednesday.

The 9.4-acre (3.8-hectare) property sold by Geffen to Bezos - in a deal first reported by the Wall Street Journal - boasts a stately Hollywood pedigree all its own. It is named for Jack Warner, the Warner Bros Studio chief who built the mansion in 1937.

Geffen purchased the Warner Estate in 1990 for $47.5 million, a then-record price for a Los Angeles-area home, according to the Journal.

By my math (which does not include inflation or accuracy), Geffen made over $117M on this house, but I doubt Bezos minds paying much more… 

Bezos, whose net worth was estimated by Forbes at $131 billion this year, owns properties around the world. It was not immediately clear if the Amazon (AMZN.O) CEO plans to make the Warner Estate his primary home.

The Wall Street Journal said Bezos purchased three New York apartments earlier this year in a deal valued at about $80 million.

And he paid another $90M to buy a separate tract of land in LA.

So not only did he buy the mansion for $165M, he dropped another $90M in the same area for land. By my math which - again - does not include accuracy, the total has to be around a ZILLION (dollars not beers). I'm guessing these are the types of properties where sprinklers keep pumping out that sweet, sweet H20 right on through the worst of Cali droughts.  

I wanted to learn more about the house in it's heyday seeing as Hollywood legend Jack Warner used to own it, and found some cool stuff on Architectural Digest

The property was more than a verdant Shangri-la; it was a veritable country club. The swimming pool area had two enormous terraces— one with several lounge chairs, the other with an outdoor kitchen, barbecue and soda fountain. Warner enjoyed his lighted tennis court year round, and doubles matches were a feature of the Sunday parties. Golf was another favorite pastime. As it turned out, the Warners' next-door neighbor, silent-screen comedian Harold Lloyd, also had a nine-hole pitchand-putt course on his estate. Warner occasionally erected a temporary walkway over the wall between the two estates so that he and his guests could play all eighteen holes.

What a flex. Having neighborhood connections that allows you to create a legit 18 hole golf course whenever you want. 

Here's Warner playing with an Argentinian pro in a photo I clearly did not purchase from

Now that it's been passed from Warner to Geffen to Bezos, who knows if the course & other elements of the famous house will remain… No word yet on what Bezos' plans are for the property, but it will certainly be, uh, whatever the f*** he wants. When you have that much money & that much property you get to live as if your shit don't stink.