Science Teacher Steps On The Court And Throws Down Not 1, But 2 Vicious Dunks Directly On The Same Student's Head

I feel like these student vs teacher games or moments have really picked up recently since every single person is born with a cell phone and social media account these days. But my Lord this guy Jonathan Clark, who is somewhat famous for being this middle school science teacher that can yam, just ended multiple students very quickly. 

But now this is how teachers are going to strike back. Jonathan needs to leave his job as a middle school science teacher and really just start traveling the country. He needs to be a ringer for student vs faculty games. You got some annoying asshole 16-year old that you want to see embarrassed but you can't? Bring in Jonathan and throw a lob. Can't throw a lob? Just let him get the ball in the post and do a drop step. 

The older I get the more firm team faculty I am here. Kids are assholes. Always have been, always will be. Sometimes they need to be knocked down a peg or two and there's nothing better than some science teacher in a lame tie breaking out incredible dunks right on them. How do you try to flirt with the girl in Algebra after this happens to you? You can't. 

Dunkademics is such an A+ name too. He should drop his legal name and just go by this like he's playing on the And-1 Tour or old school XFL.