Smartphones Don't Get Enough Shit For Killing Flashlights

I had this random thought last night and it kinda made me upset.

Everybody remembers the days as a kid when the power would go out and you'd immediately run to the closet or cabinet to grab your flashlights. The calmness that went along with it was kind of hard to explain. It was like if life went still for however long the outage lasted. Just you, your siblings, your parents, etc. just sitting there in the damn dark.

Or you could mess around with them like the nerds from 'Can't Hardly Wait'

(The exact scene wasn't on YouTube, but If you know this movie you'll know what I'm talking about. Also - if you've never seen this movie watch it now)

Now you just push down a damn button on your phone and everybody has one. No exclusivity, because nobody had enough flashlights for every member of the family. It was as big of a battle for one of those as it was for the final slice of pizza. Now that battle is over and that's a shame.

It also got some people talking about other things smartphones have killed:


Alarm clocks, calculators, maps, encyclopedias, and notepads too! Somebody should make a new "We Didn't Start The Fire" rendition to this shit.

But, everybody still only wants to blame the millennials for shit that doesn't exist anymore. Big smartphone out of the criticism picture completely and it's sad.

Not on my watch anymore.