Hell Hath No Fury Like Vindog Unleashed

I loved Vindog from the moment I came across him. An instant classic internet character. He's effortlessly funny. When Pres dipped into that Penn National slush fund to hire Vindog full time I thought it was a great move. He belongs in the Barstool universe. The plumbing video, the eggplant, the meme documentary. It was all good. He is going to be great content. I'll be honest though...I underestimated Vindog. When you say "nobody has the memes that I have" I can that be? We are all on the internet. We all have memes. How much better can Vindog's memes possibly be? Well this isn't a joke. It isn't content. Vindog in an unrelenting. internet death star and he won't quit until you're obliterated. Something Manny Alicandro learned the hard way.


Manny, Manny, Manny. BIG mistake. In previous Barstool internet dust ups against blue check marks we've had the stoolies charge in and go over the internet walls. It is a great thing to have in your corner. An endless supply of infantry men always in our corner. While I love the stoolies, sometimes a select few goes too far and it can hurt the brand in the court of public opinion. They can't be controlled. They run into battle like the Dothraki cutting people's heads off. The aftermath was grusome, even if we won. Now though...Vindog is a different animal. He called himself a nuclear arsenal, but I think he's more like Chris Kyle. Precision snipes. Unrelenting memes. Sharp. Pointed. Lethal. 

That was 2 days ago. You'd think that would be a kill shot, but you'd be wrong. Nobody has called off Vindog so Manny can't exit the terrordome

Customized memes. This is like when Happy learned how to putt. Vindog got photoshop or a graphics team. A degree from MIT can't save you from Vindog with photoshop


Vindog's youtube photoshop class: $0

Manny's MIT Degree: $400,000

I feel sorry for Manny, a little. This should be a lesson to the rest of the internet. If you want to come at Barstool be ready to have your mentions meme'd to Bolivia. You can't hide from Vindog once he is unleashed. I'm glad he's on our side.