This New Timelord Bobblehead Just Flipped The Bobblehead Game On It's Head

As someone who loves a good bobblehead, I have to say the Red Claws absolutely nailed this Robert Williams version. We're seeing these start to come out, last week they released Jaylen's new version

and last season we got Tatum/Horford/Jaylen/Hayward/Kyrie

Not bad, but nothing compares to this Timelord one. Not only does it look like him, but standing on a clock? That's A+ stuff right there. That's the attention to detail I crave when it comes to something so trivial like a bobblehead. Now I'll admit, part of my love for this bobblehead has to do with the fact that I'll take anything and everything Robert Williams related right now. I miss him so much. The good news is it sounds like we're starting to get some positive news about his hip and when he could be back


Here's the thing when it comes to Timelord. It feels like both the fanbase and the team are putting a whoooooooole lot of pressure on him once he's back that he can be their missing big man piece. Early in the season we saw flashes of his improvement, he seemed to be more comfortable as a defender, he was blocking everything in sight, and even his passing which was already good looked to be improved. 

The thing with him though has always been his health. Considering how tough the Celtics schedule is over the second half, and the fact they as of right now haven't added to this team, Timelord's role becomes super important. If he can get in shape and up to speed over these next few months, he could very well find himself into the top 8-9 playoff rotation. He gives them a different look in the dunker spot, I feel more comfortable with him guarding the perimeter on a switch than someone like Kanter, and he gives them the type of rim protection that is a little different from other bigs on the roster.

The Kemba/Jaylen/Tatum/Hayward/Timelord lineup has only played 19 minutes together all season if you can believe it, so none of us have any idea if it can work in a potential playoff series. That's why I need him back ASAP so we can see what that looks like before finalizing any sort of playoff rotation.