You Can Buy This 19th Century Royal Sex Chair For A Low Price Of $69,000

Boy, do I have a lot of questions. 

SOURCE-CNN’s six-part series “The Windsors: Inside the Royal Dynasty” starts Sunday, 10 p.m. Always willing to help, I figure maybe tomorrow maybe some gift buyer — maybe for his or her beloved — maybe wants to buy the immortal world-famous Royal Sex Chair.

Attention must be paid. I’m only trying to help. This historic chair — temporarily unsat upon — is available at M.S. Rau Antiques.

Background: During youthful doings when he was youthfully Doing It in Paris, Edward VII, the Prince of Wales/later King of England, had a “Love Chair.” The thing was made to measure and thus to peut être perfectly accommodate his regalness’ perfectly corpulent behind.

You see this guy?

That's Prince Edward VII. He was a horn doggggggg. Some would say he was dangerously horny. 

Infamous, this “playboy prince” amused himself — thanks to the chair — on occasion with two ladies at the same time without crushing his female partners.

The original feminist, Prince Edward VII. Made sure that no females were being crushed while he double-teamed them. 

If you were wondering how this worked:

Talk about innovation. 

Shout out to Prince Edward IV….the original 50 Shades Of Grey.