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'I Play Basketball, Hang Out With My Mom And Take Shits' - The Line That All-Star Bam Adebayo Used To Win Over Executives At The Draft Combine

[Source] - Adebayo won over some executives at the draft combine with his single-minded focus. He had a line ready when teams asked about off-court interests: "I play basketball, hang out with my mom, and take s----." Some executives cackled at Adebayo's deadpan delivery.

What a perfect line. Bam Adebayo is one of the best stories in the NBA. He's also one of the easiest guys to root for - shout out his time at Kentucky. He and his mom came from quite literally nothing - she worked as a cashier as they lived in a trailer. 

He was even overlooked both coming into the Draft and his first year or two in the NBA. He was buried because the Heat kept trying to run Hassan Whiteside and then ultimately moved on from him for Bam. Seems pretty smart, especially when you consider Bam is now an All-Star. 

But I go back to this line. I can't stop laughing at the image of Bam saying this. First off he's a LARGE human. Imagine the shits he takes. 

But of course this is what executive's want to hear. The thing is Bam isn't lying. The dude just plays hoops and takes care of his mom. He's always been that way, even when he was at Kentucky. You never heard one person say something negative about Bam. Not only that but he dared the Heat and Pat Riley (who LOVES Kentucky dudes) to draft him. 

Adebayo turned to Heat brass, including Riley and Spoelstra, and shouted: "Oh, you got me f---ing confused! You got me f---ed up!" Translation: Don't you know who I am? As the stops -- "kills" in Heat parlance -- piled up, the trash talk flowed. "Oh, it was explicit," Adebayo says. It was not friendly taunting. Adebayo was not smiling.

"We were like, 'Is this guy kinda crazy?'" Spoelstra says.

Juwan Howard, then a Miami assistant, locked eyes with Dan Craig, the coach running the drill. "Our eyes got wide," Howard says. "We said, 'This is a Heat guy.' To have the balls to say that in front of Pat Riley -- to say, 'You're not going to pick on me!' -- that's a Heat guy."

Love it. I would kill for him to be a Knick. I hate how damn likable the Heat are with him, Herro, Jimmy Butler starting shit with everyone. Draft combines are so bizarre too. Literally the only place you can say you take shits as one of the 3 things you do and it's a positive.