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Derek Jeter Has Been Replaced

Didi Gregorius, Francisco Cervelli

HBT - Now we know who’ll be filling Derek Jeter‘s big shoes in New York, as Ken Rosenthal of reports that the Yankees have acquired Diamondbacks shortstop Didi Gregorius in a three-team trade that also involves the Tigers.

According to Rosenthal–following up on an initial report by Sweeny Murti of WFAN radio in New York–the Yankees will send right-hander Shane Green to the Tigers, who will send left-hander Robbie Rayand an undisclosed second player to the Diamondbacks.

Gregorius was pegged as the Diamondbacks’ long-term shortstop when they acquired him from the Reds in the three-team deal that sent away Trevor Bauer, but that was under the old regime. And he also didn’t play well in 2014, hitting .226 with six homers and a .653 OPS in 80 games at age 24.

I don’t like this deal, I LOVE THIS DEAL! For years people have been saying when they see Didi play that he is the next Derek Jeter and he is going to get the shot to be just that. He had a down year last year and didn’t get the playing time that was expected to with changes in the Arizona front office, but this is a great move. Not only do we have a young SS, but we didn’t tie up $15mil in an over the hill shortstop.

I reached out to a source within the game and was told “He’s a stud. Pure talent, he’s one of the best pure fielders in the game. Cannon arm.” What more is there to want? Alexi Ramirez wasn’t going to get traded to NY because we don’t have the trade chips and Tulo is injured too much with too high of a salary, but it look like Cashman has woken up, heading into the winter meetings.

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Jeter Buying The Marlins: I just don’t see it happening. Jeter is too smart to want to get in business with Loria. I think he waits a few years and buys a piece of the Yankees and then becomes the face of a large group looking to buy them. Like Magic Johnson without the HIV.

Headley Leaving: Apparently Headley has a mystery team that offered him $65mil over 4 years. I’m calling bullshit on that. If someone offered Headley that kind of money the deal would be signed. No one is going to offer that type of money to a guy on the downslope.

PS: How is that for a click driving title Spags?