Lena Dunham Allegedly Made Up A Rape Story In Her New Book

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Daily Mail – A media investigation into the allegations of rape featured in Lena Dunham’s recently-released memoir has refuted the claims of sexual assault made by the Girls creator. The writer, actor and director dedicates a chapter of her book, Not That Kind Of Girl – for which she received a reported $3.7 million advance – to a boy she met at Oberlin College in Ohio identified as ‘Barry’, who she alleges raped her one night after a party. The 28-year-old admits in the tome to drinking alcohol and taking Xanax and cocaine before inviting Barry back to her on-campus apartment, but says the encounter quickly turned aggressive, and that Barry twice removed the condom during intercourse without telling her. ‘I never gave permission to be rough, to stick himself inside me without a barrier between us,’ she wrote.  ‘I never gave him permission. ‘In my deepest self I know this, and the knowledge of it has kept me from sinking.’ Dunham’s description of Barry is similarly explicit, explaining him as a ‘mustachioed campus Republican’ with a ‘mustache that rode the line between ironic Williamsburg fashion and big buck hunter’, who hosted a radio show called Real Talk With Jimbo, worked in the library stacking shelves and ‘wore purple cowboy boots’. She also said that he once punched a girl ‘in the boob’ at a party and, following a consensual sexual encounter, another girl woke to find blood spattered all over the wall ‘like a crime scene’. Furthermore Dunham does not state that ‘Barry’ is a pseudonym, as she does with other names that appear in her book. An investigation by John Nolte from Breitbart News undertaken at the Oberlin campus, which was published Thursday, concluded that the ‘Barry’ Dunham describes is a ‘ghost’, and that no such person appeared to exist at the college during the years she studied there. ‘In fact, we could not find anyone who remembered any Oberlin Republican who matched Dunham’s colorful description,’ Nolte wrote. ‘Under scrutiny, Dunham’s rape story didn’t just fall apart, it evaporated into pixie dust and blew away.’

Making up rape stories, so hot right now, making up rape stories. If this is true, this is some pretty low shit. The made up UVA story is some next level shit but this is pretty damn scummy. Making up a rape story to sell some more copies of your memoir is as grimy as it gets. Right up there with telling the whole world you fingered your sister when you were 7 years old.

Anything to sell a book, right Lena! Forget about the credibility of you beliefs and your over the top, constantly-in-your-face feminism. Just take that power and influence and exploit the people that value your opinion. Exaggerate and embellish and flat out lie if need be! Take the most serious allegation, the most traumatic experience a woman can go through, fabricate one for yourself, and grab those headlines. Oh and dont forget to reiterate over and over it was a Republican Conservative. Gotta advance that political agenda too.

Dont worry though. Even if this is all true and you’re exposed as a total fraud and scumbag, theres always a job waiting for you at Rolling Stone.

PS – As always with any Lena Dunham post, obligatory “Lena Dunham looks like a bag of milk” – @DesusNice