Kelly Minkin Gave Advice For Being A Better Poker Player And Explained Her Epic 72o Slowroll

The newest episode of Cracking Aces is up and it's a great one. We were joined by "The Illest" Kelly Minkin and she was great. We talked about her deep runs in the WSOP Main Event (29th place in 2015 and 50th in 2018), the pressure and stress of it all, playing without fear, being confident at the table, and her slowroll with 72o in a streamed game:

She provided a shit ton of insight into being a professional poker player, in which she has amassed nearly $1.5 million in career earnings.

She talked a lot about being fearless at the table and not playing timid. She's a big proponent of my old mantra,


as you can see in this hand from deep in the WSOP Main Event.

It's so easy to play passive, play scared, and let the pressure of being on TV get to you. So many people in that spot will think about "what if I am wrong and everyone sees this on TV for the rest of time?" but not worrying about that is part of being fearless at the table. 

I definitely recommend you check it out, it's a great interview and she dropped lots of nuggets.

We were also joined by Christian Harder, who explained his thought process behind this legendary hand:

He goes street by street explaining the action and talking us through it, it's pretty cool stuff. 

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