There's A Riff On The Upcoming Foo Fighters Album That Dave Grohl Has Been Working On For 25 YEARS

The legendary Dave Grohl went on The Bill Simmons Podcast this week to discuss some of the documentaries he's been working on, the state of the music scene, a bit of the history of his time in the industry, and what the Foo Fighters have been up to recently, and he shared some fucking awesome stuff in the interview. 

For starters, he dropped "We just finished recording an album" about as casually as I drop deuces. 

I audibly gasped when he said that - and wanted to strangle Bill Simmons through my computer screen for not clawing and getting every detail he could outta Grohl - considering we sorrrta heard rumors and reports that they were in the studio working on new shit, but those rumors and reports have now become confirmed by Dave himself, and the album ain't only being worked's done.

Grohl then took it a step even further when he said...

"There's a riff on the new record that I've been working on for 25 fucking years - like 25 years - first time I demoed it was in my basement in Seattle, and every record I'm like, 'Ooh, let's put it on' but it didn't work."

UHHHHH, are you fucking kidding me?! We're gonna hear a riff that Dave Grohl wrote as the drummer of Nirvana on the new Foo Fighters album? We're gonna hear a riff that potentially coulda been on the DEBUT Foo Fighters album? One that coulda been on The Colour and The Shape?! That's fucking crazy to me! 

Don't get it twisted - I don't think this riff is going to revolutionize the guitar and change music and bring back rock n' roll all in one clean swoop - but the notion of hearing a true "vintage" Dave Grohl riff is just so friggin exciting to a long time Foo fan like myself.

So far, all we've heard from the new material is this little snippet the band threw up in their 25th Anniversary post, and if the new record sounds anything like this, I'm in. 

Well, actually - I'm in regardless of what it sounds like. I'm just excited god dammit!

I would highly recommend listening to the full interview if you're interested even a little. It's a great chat.