Crazy Joe Rogan Interview With A Guy Who Lived At The Bottom Of The Ocean For Two Weeks Straight

I know this is supposed to be a cool interview and it is, but it's tough not to feel stupid after hearing Garrett Reisman talk. The second he started explaining nitrogen levels in his blood he lost me. Like how do they even figure that stuff out? Why would anyone want to go to the bottom of the ocean knowing that once you're down there you can't come up? That's got to be torture. The whole concept is just so foreign to me. Although I will say, I'd much rather do two weeks at the bottom of the ocean than a month in space. 

The 'habitat' these guys lived in was called Aquarius.They actually YouTubed it back in 2012:  

Equally as impressive as the video is Reisman's resume...

Garrett Erin Reisman is an American engineer and former NASA astronaut. He was a backup crew member for Expedition 15 and joined Expedition 16 aboard the International Space Station for a short time before becoming a member of Expedition 17. He returned to Earth on June 14, 2008 on board STS-124 on Space Shuttle Discovery. He was a member of the STS-132 mission that traveled to the International Space Station aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis from May 14 to 26, 2010. He is currently a consultant at SpaceX and a Professor of Astronautics Practice at the University of Southern California's Viterbi School of Engineering.

…and here I am writing dick jokes. Who knows what, if anything, they discovered while they were down there, but that guy will be able to get a beer at any bar in the country telling that story.