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Wawa Is Starting To Add Burgers And Waffle Fries To Their Menu And You Know What? We Might Have Gone Too Far This Time

NBC10Wawa is looking to up its dinner game by quietly testing new options like hamburgers, waffle fries and breaded chicken sandwiches at some locations.

The items are available at six stores, including the 535 Horsham Road location in Horsham, as “part of the larger dinner platform” the convenience store is trialing, Wawa spokeswoman Lori Bruce said.

The popular Delaware County-based convenience store chain is a fan favorite for its hoagies, American comfort food sides and coffee. A larger rollout of burgers and breaded chicken sandwiches would pit the company against national quick service giants like McDonald's, Burger King and Shake Shack.

“We are testing new options specifically for dinner as we continue to connect with customers in new ways and focus on fulfilling our customers’ lives at all times of the day,” Bruce told the Philadelphia Business Journal in an email.

I think by now everybody knows that I would go to war for Wawa. As a Delco native, I've always felt it was my civic duty to fight back against all the idiots who attempt to claim that Wawa is simply just "gas station food for a bunch of poors who probably can't even read". Yes, I look at all the comments on my Wawa blogs. But there comes a time when a man must look at himself in the mirror and ask himself just exactly what or who is he fighting for? What is he defending? And is it worth it anymore?

Uprisings and revolutions happen for a reason. That reason being when the rulers start to take advantage over their loyal subjects for far too long. And I fear this is the direction we're heading towards with Wawa at the moment. 

They say that less is more, and never before has that saying been more relevant than it is today. I don't know exactly when (probably when Wawa started to expand to Florida) and I don't know exactly why (without a doubt for the ridiculous amounts of money), but over the years Wawa has started trying to do way too many things. Which would, at best, make them a jack of all trades and a master of none. They started to make quesadillas. They started to make pizza. They had THE MOTHER FUCKING AUDACITY TO ADD A BRISKET SANDWICH TO THE MENU. Are you kidding me, Wawa? Who the fuck do you think you are? And now they have the nerve to throw a burger and waffle fries onto the menu because they want to compete with McDonald's and Burger King. 

I'm sorry but I think I have to be out. 

These sons of bitches are saying they're "testing new options specifically for dinner as we continue to connect with customers" and that's just the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard in my life. If you want to connect with customers, bring back the fresh Amoroso rolls. If you want to connect with the customers, bring back the actual deli meats that aren't just some slimy slices of shit that were grown in a laboratory. If you want to connect with the customer, go back to what made Wawa the #1 convenience store in America. Go with what you know. Stick to what got you there. Play the hits. Quality hoagies, the chicken tender bowls, the stuffed pretzels, the Sizzli and the coffee. That's really all you need. Maybe the cold wraps, too. But instead on just focusing on the things that they actually do well, they go out and try to sling some burgers that on their best day would maybe get a rating of 0.25 Balls. While the quality of the rest of the menu continues to suffer in the process. It's just not right. 

I'll give myself until the NHL Trade Deadline. If things don't start to change by then, I'm going to test out convenience store Free Agency. Someone tell Sheetz to get the bag ready.