Thanks For Coming Out Trail Blazers! Headband Ja, Grizzlies Bench Show Out In The Disposal Of Portland.

See ya Trail Blazers! Buh Bye Dame!

Did the Memphis Grizzlies just take the hottest player in the NBA and put him in their back pocket? YOU BET YOUR FUCKING ASS THEY DID. This team is on another level right now. It almost feels like a dream, it's too surreal.

Don't' get me wrong, the Memphis Grizzlies are by no means world beaters (yet) but this win - as well as their recent wins - shows that this isn't just a hot team. It's just a rare feeling for me to have one of my teams be this cool/fun/carefree. I don't know what to do. This is an actual good team and I can be very confident in the franchise moving forward.

It's starting to feel like the Grizz win every time they don the old Vancouver throwbacks, they just don't lose in them. It has me thinking that they should just switch to these bad boys full time. You know, maximize wins. Just a thought.

I know a lot of the basketball nerds love him but Brandon Clarke needs to get more respect. The man goes out every night and shoots the most efficient shots these eyes have ever seen. last night he had 27 and I'm willing to bet that about 20 of them came off alley-oops or just simple cuts to the basket. 

There was also a pretty solid battle of the bigs. Valanciunas (aka The Operator) and Whiteside. Early in the game, they got into a bit of handbag, a little shoving. That chump Whiteside caught a T for the whole ordeal.

So the operator responds by giving Whiteside the fucking work.


Honestly, I'm not sure if there's anything I love more than a good big man who can operate in the post. Hence Jonas's nickname, the operator…. he operates. Simple.

"Hello, Operator"

Of course, they would meet again, this time both getting T'd up and Whiteside getting ejected.

It's starting to feel like anyone who comes to the Grizz ends up doing well, like the operator. I think it's mostly because, you know, they play for one of the smallest markets in the NBA and don't get much of the spotlight. Players are almost able to retreat to Memphis to maybe find their game again or even just get more of an opportunity.

The entire bench put in an absolute shift.

Kind of a wild move to give the player of the game to 5 different people. It just shows the togetherness and willingness of the players to do anything for their team. Grizzlies bench outscored the Blazers' bench 54-28 so it's actually deserved.

And of course. The star of the show. Headband Ja.


I didn't know I needed headband Ja in my life until headband Ja came into my life. He ended up finishing with 20/9/5, showing yet again that he puts his teammates first, that my point guard! Now I don't know if I can live without him. 

"Ethan, it's just a headband. Keep it in your pants bud."

I think that it's important to realize that this is fucking basketball. It's all about being cool. Who you hang out with, what you wear, who you're dating, all of it! That headband just screams cool. It's just such an exciting time to be a Grizz fan. We're on the rise and we can't stop losing. We just took the hottest player in the NBA and held him to just 20 points. Absurd! I am fully confident that Memphis can beat anyone in the NBA with the exception of the Bucks, no one's stopping Giannis.

Let's hope this momentum lasts so we can squeeze into those playoffs. Who knows what happens then, maybe we shock the world and get out of the first round. Unlikely but a boy can dream.