I Hope To God Whoever Made This TikTok Is On A Terrorist Watch List

Osama Bin Laden.  Timothy McVeigh.  Yankees/RedSox/Cubs fans. 

These are some of the most dangerous people who've ever plagued our planet.  Terrorists responsible for the death and torcher of millions.  Make no mistake about it - this kid is next up.  I trust President Trump has a close eye on him though.  At least we have that going for us. 

Look, at a quick glance this TikTok might look like a victimless crime, but make no mistake about it - this is a terrorist attack of the highest degree.  Thousands of lives are at risk.  Let me explain.  

You ever play where's Waldo?  Sometimes it's impossible to find that pencil-necked-striped-shirt cunt.  Now, he's always there and some "levels" are harder than others, but the rush of finding him in a sea of chaos is the greatest feeling on earth.  But sometimes that goddamn book torchers your mind with his hiding spot.  Sometimes it's just impossible to find that dickwad.  Inevitably you spend hours and hours of your life trying to hunt him down.  I'm talking sleep deprivation, the loss of friends/family, and the inevitable development of a hardcore cocaine addiction. 

And this asshole photoshopping Waldo out of the book?  That is FUCKED up.  Now this isn't some Anthrax attack, 9/11, a suicide bombing or anything of that ilk.  Close, but not quite.  This is straight up mental warfare.  Every single kid who checks this book out is bound to go insane looking for that Waldo, that cockbag, and who knows, maybe they one of them turns into the next Ted Kaczynski.  

I'm praying to god this doesn't happen.  We all should be.