If Devin Booker Doesn't Replace Damian Lillard As An All Star, He's Officially Being Blackballed

So the big news last night was Damian Lillard pulled the shit out of his dick muscle and it's going to force him to miss all of the All Star Weekend festivities. A pretty big bummer for a guy having an All NBA season and one of the best point guards in the league. Obviously for a team like Portland who is fighting like hell to get into the playoffs, having Dame be 100000% healthy for the second half is what is most important. Not some fake came and a 3pt shooting contest. Sucks that this had to happen right before the break, but that's life.

What this does though is it gives the coaches around the league a mulligan to correct one of the biggest snubs in NBA history. When the All Star reserve rosters came out a few weeks ago, we learned that Devin Booker was not initially selected. What an all time screw job that was. At the time I blogged how it may have been the biggest snub in NBA history, and that really wasn't hyperbolic when you look at what he's doing this year

So now that Lillard is officially out, I cannot think of another player more deserving to fill in, which is why if it's not Devin Booker we can assume he is absolutely being blackballed. The only thing I could see happening is maybe Ja Morant gets some consideration, but in my opinion what Devin Booker has done this year is more deserving. Yes the Grizzles are a better team and currently in the playoffs, but Devin Booker's individual season has been better. If it's someone like DeMar DeRozan or Paul George over Booker well then what are we even doing here. 


Everyone knows Booker should get it. The players, the internet, everyone apparently but the people in charge of making the selection. Hopefully they get this right now they've been gifted a second chance, because you cannot tell me this isn't an All Star