We're Auctioning Off A Spot On Big Cat's Team For The NBA Jam Tournament

Link Here

Link Here

We're hosting the NBA Jam tournament for All Star Weekend this Saturday at Joes on Weed. Everyone is obviously encouraged to come and gamble and get loaded and buy some raffle tickets

But probably the best thing I can offer up to anyone for the day is the right to be Big Cat's partner in the double elimination tournament on Sega. You guys will play as the Bulls as the #1 seed in the Carl Regional which means lock down defense from Pippen and unlimited range from BJ Armstrong. 

Winning team will get 2 tickets to every Chicago team in the next calendar year including Bears. 

We're still waiting on clearance for a speed pitch, but we have gotten confirmation that Joe's on Weed is going to match $1,000 of the Big Cat auction which is a nice gesture when I'm going to drink them out of business Saturday. I do it because I love you guys.