Should Zdeno Chara Be Suspended For Short Shaming After This Crosscheck On Brendan Gallagher? You Be The Judge

I'm sorry but there's just no room for that in today's game. Not all of us are so gifted to be born into a family with a long lineage of European ogre lumberjacks. I know that girls on dating apps don't respect guys who are under 5'10" but we exist and we deserve to have rights too. And those rights don't involve taking Chara's 150 flex Warrior straight to the jugular. 

Gally didn't ask to be born with a max height of 5'9". So why should he have to ask Chara politely to not cross check him directly in the throat? The answer is that he shouldn't. Seems to me like this is just classic bullying and short shaming from Chara. I understand this crosscheck ends up being right under the chest of most players out there but that still doesn't make it right. 

Hockey is for everyone. Whether you're an ogre like Chara or a little fella like Gallagher. Just seems like Chara could really use a quick history lesson on some short kings who have come through the league in years past. Theo Fleury, Danny Briere, Brian Gionta, his own teammate Brad Marchand. It would really be a shame if this incident caused a divide in the B's locker room between Chara and Marchand which ended up derailing this season and led to getting swept out of the 1st round of the playoffs. Mark that down as something we would truly hate to see.