Luke Walton Gets T'd Up, Pisses Luka Doncic Off Saying: 'Do Me A Favor And Give The Ref Your Autograph After The Game. He's A Huge Fan.'

Hell yeah, Luke. Nothing gets me jazzed up like seeing a coach or player being sarcastic as hell towards a ref. I enjoy it even more when you're down 20 points and just don't give a shit. It's not like things are going swell in Sacramento right now anyways. They can't stay healthy. They signed Dewayne Dedmon and Trevor Ariza in the offseason before trading them both right away. 

And then factor in that it's Luka. You know, the guy who turned into an All-Star that the Kings decided to pass on because they thought he'd be too much of a ball dominant player and would stunt the growth of De'Aaron Fox. There was also the report that they had concerns about his upside and thought Marvin Bagley's upside was better. All that just makes this even funnier. 

And of course it led to some minor argument between Doncic and Walton: 


I'm sure it's a whole lot of nothing here, but giddy up. Luke vs Luka. I'm here for it even if Luke isn't here to coach the Kings for that much longer. Clem and I always talk about how the Kings feel like the Knicks Western Conference sister franchise and this is just another example of that. This only happens with the Kings and/or the Knicks.