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Guy With "MURDER" Tattooed On His Neck Is Worried It Might Work Against Him In His Upcoming Murder Trial

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NYDN - A Kansas man charged with first-degree murder is afraid the tattooed mirror-image letters spelling out the word “murder” across his neck might prejudice a jury, so he is asking for a professional tattoo artist to remove or cover it up. Prosecutors say they aren’t opposed to Jeffrey Chapman covering his tattoo, but Barton County’s sheriff says he’s against transporting Chapman to a licensed tattoo facility — the only places tattoo artists are allowed to practice under Kansas law. The Great Bend Tribune reports Chapman’s trial is scheduled to start Monday in the November 2011 killing of Damon Galliart, whose body was found by hunters in a roadside ditch southwest of Great Bend. Chapman’s attorney says in a motion the tattoo would be extremely prejudicial if seen by a jury.
Interesting choice for a tattoo from this guy. He’s definitely the guy who is always like “I’m not gonna get a tattoo unless it means something to me”. Probably waited his whole life to get inked. And when it came down to it, MURDER across his throat was that thing that he loved. Couldn’t live without it. Needed that lasting memory of the good ol days so every time he looked in the mirror, he remembered. Butttt kinda is coming back to fuck him in the ass now. Hate when that happens. And kinda love his move of covering it up and pretending like it was never there. The jury is probably for sure going to buy the ol “if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist” trick. Nevermind the tear drop tattoo rolling down his face, that could mean just about anything. But as long as they don’t see the word MURDER, he’ll probably get off with a slap on the wrist.
PS: Would love for a tattoo artist to cover it up and then he just has a big ol’ black rectangle across his throat and he’ll still be going to jail for life and have way less street cred. He should be thinking longer term than his murder trial at this point.