Wake Up With A Perfectly Executed Hidden Ball Trick

I'm a sucker for a good hidden ball trick, a perfectly executed one is even better. Back in 1982, The University Of Miami faced Wichita State in the College World Series. Phil Stephenson was basically Rickey Henderson and could steal any base he wanted, 86/90 on steals, pretty good. The U had an idea that they thought would stop him from sprinting around the bases, hidden ball trick. Miami's pitcher fake fires it over, the first baseman dives over Stephenson, the guys from Miami's dugout jump out to look for the ball, and Stephenson takes off running. He thinks he's in scoring position but holy shit he's wrong. The second baseman is receiving the ball from the pitcher and he's out by 20 feet. Wichita State is in shock and Miami just keeps trucking along. One of the most flawless trick plays I've ever seen run.