North Korean Media Is Telling The Citizens Of North Korea That Their Team Is In The World Cup Final Against Portugal


Metro- We’ve known for a long time now that supreme leader Kim Jong-un controls the flow of information to his people, with the television channels only reporting positive stuff about the country. But in a report posted on YouTube, the media have been caught broadcasting that North Korea are on course to win the biggest prize in football, despite not actually qualifying for the World Cup.

What a move by North Korea here.  So savvy and so smart.  Maybe ignorance really is bliss.  Sure, if you’re a citizen of North Korea you live under the repressed thumb of a ruthless dictator and your life really really sucks.  But, according to you and the media, your country is fucking awesome at everything, your leader is pretty much a deity who is better than every other world leader and your World Cup team is in the final against Portugal.  Pretty great!  Did the North Korea team even make the World Cup?  Is Portugal in the final?  Of course not but who cares when the media says you not only made the World Cup but are playing for the championship?  You’re none the wiser. You gotta love the part where it says North Korea just blanked everybody on their way to the final. Crushed Japan 7-0, crushed USA 4-0, and squeaked by China 2-0.  North Korea is a power house.  Do you think they kept lowering the margin of victory over each opponent as they advanced to make it seem more believable?  Of course.  No doubt about it.

Let me ask you this as an American.  Would you rather live in reality and have made it to the round of 16 and gotten knocked out or live in a fantasy world where Team USA stormed through the tournament on their way to the final and feel great about yourself even though that didn’t actually happen?  I think I take the fantasy world option.

Do you think North Korea is going to beat Portugal in the fantasy World Cup final?  I just don’t know.  If I was a betting man I say North Korea triumphs in heroic fashion.  That’s just me though.