Friendly Reminder: For Every Marty Mush With Xavier +5.5, There Are Suckbags In The Front Row On Butler -5.5

I want to say I feel for them but I gave out the under in the blog, Marty had +5.5 and these suckbags 100% had Butler -5.5. Listen we've all been there. There's no doubt about that. You think you're comfortable the entire time as Xavier is coming down that possession because at worst you're going to get fouled and have a chance for some FTs for the cover. But then it happens. Two offensive rebounds, one coming after a fairly easy missed layup. Then a ridiculous leaning three with nearly 0 time left. Not enough time left to foul. 

Just remember for every Marty, there's a suckbag (I think that's what Marty would call these guys) on the wrong side of a bad beat.