Tim Dillon BURIES Heckler Who Tries To Crack A Gay Joke During One Of His Sets

I've talked about Tim Dillon before on the blog. He's one of my favorite comedians and his podcast is a must listen every Sunday when it comes out. He's just a genuinely funny dude, which is saying a lot considering 90% of stand ups aren't. This clip proves that. Because if you don't laugh at that retort you don't have a sense of humor. 

- "I bet you've worked more men than I have..." 

- "You're probably right, but we did it legally. So if I put you in a's consensual. Goodnight!" 

The best part is that guy in the audience probably won't even remember. He was blacked out drunk. He had to have been. That's the only possible reason he was hurling insults in the first place. He had a tiny interaction with Tim, thought he could hang, and ended up get burned. That's what happens when you play with fire.