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Sugar Daddy Going To Court With His Former Mistress To Get Back All The Gifts He Gave Her


NY Post - An aspiring actress who has had minor roles in “Law & Order” and “The Sopranos” is suing her married former lover for allegedly trying to snatch back $3?million in gifts — including a Trump Palace love nest. Ayelet Argaman says in new Manhattan court papers that she embarked on a sizzling affair with her much older sugar daddy, Beachwold Residential President Robert Rothenberg, more than a year ago. The 35-year-old blonde says Rothenberg, 55, wooed her by forwarding her e-mails from rabbis praising the developer as a “charitable religious man” and promising to get an album produced for the actress and fledgling singer. The Harvard MBA then bought Argaman the $1.4?million one-bedroom Trump pad on East 69th Street and gave her a 60 percent ownership stake in it, according to the lawsuit. He also showered Argaman with $1.3 million in other gifts, including money to fund her entertainment career, luxury home furnishings and $100,000 a month for expenses, according to court papers.  After she dumped him in June, he threatened to sue her, claiming New York’s “heart-balm statute” requires her to return the gifts he gave her because they were made in contemplation of marriage, her suit says. But Argaman argues the law doesn’t apply in this case because Rothenberg was and still is married. “An adulterer like Rothenberg cannot invoke an exception to the heart-balm statue — which is intended for single people actually engaged to be married — which was never the case here,” her suit says.

So first off I needed to google “Heart balm statute” because I’m only familiar with Bird Law. Statutes that abrogate or restrict lawsuits brought by individuals who seek pecuniary damages to salve their broken hearts.” Is that a fucking joke? Thats like on the books. In the giant code of laws books theres actual statutes to heal people’s “broken hearts?” What a bunch of pussies the world is. You know how you heal a broken heart? You go get some strange ass or some strange dick. You let personal pride kick in. You get over that last person by doing better than them. When you can look them in the eye and know that you’re enjoying your life without them and banging all sorts of new people, thats when you “salve your broken heart.”

Which is why I hate to side with the chick here, but I gotta. I know, I know, bros over hoes. I know shes a textbook golddigger. But thats the point. So did this guy. He knew exactly what he was getting into when he started dating a sexy chick 20 years younger than him. Everyone understood what was going on. You cant ask for backsies on that. Its not like she can give back the pussy right? She cant “take back” all the blow jobs she gave your old dick. So you cant really take back all the gifts and expenses. Cant put that toothpaste back in the tube. Whats done is done, everyone needs to accept that “relationship” for what it was and move on to the next one. Next time date a 50 year old chick and you wont have to trick any of your money on her. Its a trade off pal.