2020 Is A Life Changing Year - McDonald's Is Installing New Ice Cream Machines That *Gasp* Won't Break!

Everyone is out there panicking about politics this, global warming that, but life is actually getting better right under our noses and we aren't even paying attention. Well thankfully I caught wind of this story and now we can all share it and celebrate together- McDonald's ice cream machines are being fixed once and for all!

Fox - McDonald’s ice cream machines, notorious for breaking down, are reportedly getting a new device to help keep everything running at a few locations.

Some McDonald’s franchisees are teaming up with software company Kytch, which has developed a technology that can detect and correct minor malfunctions within the machine, as well as provide employees with detailed information regarding the machine’s issues, Business Insider reported.

The device will attach to the current machines and ensure the automated cleaning cycle is scheduled properly. It can also correct issues caused by human error, like over or under-filling the machine, according to the outlet.

Well god damn would you look at that? Have you even read better news than this? Sometimes it's the little things. It's the extra fries in the bottom of your bag, it's an extra nugget in 10 piece, and it's never hearing the words "sorry it's not working today" ever again. That's so comforting, you know? Never having the anxiety of "if I get in my car and drive all the way to McDonald's, what are the chances the machine doesn't even work?" Imagine if they completely delete that worry from your brain forever? An absolutely stunning development. 

And whomst among us hasn't then driven around, going over in your head "should I get a Frosty? I guess but I don't really want a Frosty...wait does Burger King even have dessert? Should I just get a quarter pounder instead? Then driven back to McDonald's...only to then turn around and go *back* to Wendy's, and so on and so forth. I've done the never-ending drive before, and even worse in New York, it's a walk. It's miserable. 

But now, at long last, our woes may be solved. A great year it shall be indeed.