Do You Want To Work For Barstool Sports? Do You Think You Can Be My Next "Frankie". Now Is Your Chance.

It has been an absolute motherfucker trying to find someone to be my new guy. I've churned through person after person. Dana literally pussied out. Spider who I love is an idiot. Chef Donny wants to be famous. Arya couldn't handle the heat. On and on we go. I need a person who is ready to be with me 24/7. I need a person who wants to hold the camera not be on camera. I need a guy I can trust with my life. Are you that guy? Now is your chance.   

Also as Barstool Sports continues to grow, the company needs more talent. Not just on camera but off camera behind the scenes. Barstool is a superstar making machine. We just need to find the people to make stars out of.  

Do you think you can be my next “Frankie”? 

Are you a content creator trying to break through and be seen or heard? 

Do you make your own videos? 

Do you like to gamble? 

Do you host a podcast? 

Do you make TikToks? 

Have you grown a Twitter following? 

Do you have a blog? 

Can you edit awesome videos? 

You get the idea...Come with your best ideas, videos, and links to show what you can do. If you’re funny or talented enough we’ll hire you. People are always telling us they’d be great to work here, well now is your chance to prove it. We want guys and girls.