HUGE NEWS: Rick Moranis Is BACK For A New 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids'

Who knew that this Wednesday would all of sudden turn into an awesome one?

I love Rick Moranis. 

So much so that I wrote a tribute blog about him back in 2016 for no damn reason.

I'll re-run that now real quick:


(Note: Rick Moranis is not dead)

Theres no reason for the timing of this blog. Rick Moranis retired from acting 19 years ago (he’s says he’s just being selective but that’s kinda horse shit considering he’s only done animations since ’97) and I just wanted to take a look back at the career of a great thespian.

I’m actually kinda grossed out that I just used the word thespian. Such a gross dumb word. But anyway lets look at some classic Moranis roles:


Gotta start off hot with Spaceballs. I’m not a huge Star Wars guy, but the genius Mel Brooks really brought out the best of Moranis in this one. Top to bottom it may have been his funniest role. That clip makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Next up we have Honey, We Shrunk The Kids or ourselves or whichever one you prefer. Just classic Moranis here playing a big time nerd Dad who has a bunch of contraptions and shit in his house. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them all, but for Wayne Szalinski to shrink people three different times has to put him up there with the McAllister parents as the worst parents in the world. The good thing about Wayne is that he stopped at nothing to get things back to normal.

Quite possibly the most underrated movie speech of all time. The way Coach Danny O’ Shea rallied with Gas Man and Hot Hands Hanen to take down Spike was truly one of the greatest upsets of all time as well. Personally, this is my favorite Moranis role. Just a child hood classic through and through, and gave anybody who was a little brother hope that you could beat your big brother in something ONE TIME.


“Okay, who brought the dog?”

Of course last but not least Louis Tully. That short clip honestly made me laugh out loud re-watching it. From the way he answers the door to rambling on about the carpet cleaning business it was just so great. If I had to guess it’s also the role that everybody would identify him with if you had to pick just one.

Another great thing about all these characters is that they’re all great fake names. Louis Tully, Wayne Szalinsky, Danny O’ Shea…it’s just all good stuff to blurt out there if you get in a pinch, and don’t want to give someone your real name. Not ashamed to say that I’ve been Louis Tully a few times at Wingstop.

So there it is. Come back sometime for us, Rick. We miss you.

P.S. If you’re a Little Shop of Horrors guy than I don’t know what to tell you. Movie musicals start and end at Grease for me.


4/8/2016 1:45 PM


I don't even care if I reblog someone on this because it's that important.

Rick Moranis is back and my heart is full.

h/t Dug