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Jennifer Lawrence's New Hunger Games Song "The Hanging Tree" Hits #2 On iTunes

Well that was the biggest piece of shit song Ive ever heard in my entire life. Seriously that may be the worst song I’ve ever heard. There are people actually downloading this. Paying money for it. On their morning commute like “lemme listen to that new J Law song!” Thats insane. I get that its a weird song from a weird movie but if I’m an artist and I’m getting knocked down the iTunes chart for this garbage I’d be pretty damn pissed.

Whats Jennifer Lawrence doing singing anyway? I hate when people try to do everything. Singers wanna be actors, actors wanna be singers. Take a hike. Just do your goofy bubbly routine, make your movies, and keep taking pictures of your asshole, Jennifer. Nobody wants to hear that shitty music.

I mean I suppose if its number 2 on the charts tons and tons of people do, in fact, want to hear it. But whatever shit sucks.