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Did Dale Arnold Just Sneaky Author The Creepiest Tweet In the History of Twitter?





Just a strange tweet from Dale Arnold last night.   Christy Teigan was getting into it with a couple trolls on twitter and suddenly Dale Arnold comes out of nowhere throwing haymakers and giving Teigen advice.  Trying to be her knight in shining armor.   First of all wasn’t it past Dale’s bedtime?  Second of all what is he doing following Christy Teigan?   He always acts so righteous and moral.   Such a family man.   Those are the guys you got to watch out for I guess.  They are always the biggest pervs and this tweet proves it.  Dale sneaky jerking it to Christy Teigen on the side.   Hey put your dick back in your pants.  I think Christy Teigan can handle herself.   She doesn’t need some 4 inch man trying to save her.