Pat Connaughton - Former Orioles Draft Pick Turned NBA Player - Wants Christian Yelich To Help Him At The Dunk Contest This Weekend

I have a complicated relationship with Pat Connaughton. He was a 4th round pick by my beloved Baltimore Orioles. He played some low-A ball in 2014 before going back to Notre Dame to play hoops. He was actually a legit pitcher - hitting the high 90s during his time in Aberdeen. God knows the Orioles need pitching help too. 

Instead he turned into a 2nd round NBA pick and is playing 18 minutes a game for the Bucks. Seems like a pretty nice gig as a basketball guy - and I 100% agree that you pick basketball over baseball every day of the week. Oh, he also can do things like this: 

Hence why he's in the Dunk Contest this year. But now he's out here asking for Christian Yelich's help. I'm intrigued. I hope he incorporates baseball somehow. I need to keep seeing something new in the dunk contest, something I'm a sucker for every year. 

I don't complain about it, but it's refreshing seeing something new or awesome like the Aaron Gordon/Zach LaVine dunk contest a few years back. Give me something like making the equivalent of an over the wall catch using the rim and dunking at the asme time. Get weird with it. 

In the mean time enjoy the 20th anniversary today of Vince Carter's dunk contest: