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Patriots Sign Darrelle Revis!

Revis Island



1 year 12 million.  Beautiful.  The Patriots just added the best cover corner in the game.  Their previous best corner is sitting in a jail cell.  In the AFC Championship Game they gave up two touchdown drives of 7 1/2 + minutes and over the last four years they’re dead last in the league in 3rd down stops and plays of 20+ yards.  And they just took the biggest step possible on the long and winding Road to Lombardi IV. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And now the balance of power in the NFL just tipped back to in their favor as God intended.  By tomorrow morning the rest of the AFC East will be marching on Gillette to offer their unconditional surrender.  And everyone in New York might want to grab Rex Ryans’s belt and shoelaces.

But for us?  It’s time to celebrate! Tonight, we are all Patriots!!! @JerryThornton1