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Astros Players Finally Gave Heartfelt Apologies Today - Just Kidding No One Was Available To Talk And They Had Their Parking Lot Heavily Guarded By Security

It's the first day of spring training and the Astros are all in Florida getting ready for the 2020 season. That also means it's time to finally face the music and apologize. As Jeff Passan reported last night, owner Jim Crane asked to meet with the entire roster to discuss how to handle the onslaught of questions coming there way. 

This is what we got today. You honestly cannot make this shit up.  

A roped off parking lot heavily guarded by security with no players available to talk. Incredible. Imagine the Astros just do this all spring and don't answer a single question? I'd have no choice but to respect it. 

It's truly impressive how horrible the Houston Astros organization has handled this scandal. Did they invest all of their PR money into the cheating department? No, seriously how can you possibly handle everything this poorly? It's wildly impressive. Everything they do is just the wrong decision. 

All the Astros had to do from the start was say something along the lines of what former Houston catcher Max Stassi said today. 

That's it! You say that in a sincere way and at least the questions about handling everything with the media would start to go away. You're not going to avoid the dark cloud of the scandal obviously, but it's a start to moving forward. Nope, instead the Alex Bregman had to look media members in the face and channel his inner Marshawn Lynch as he repeated "the commissioner made his report" a zillion times. Jose Altuve basically said this was going to fuel them all to win the World Series. Verlander joked about the cheating while giving his Cy Young award speech. One face palm after another. 

Even going further back to before the cheating scandal came to light, remember how they dealt with Brandon Taubman's comments towards that female reporter. They tried to discredit her and Sports Illustrated. One of the worst statements in the history of words. 

They are putting on a clinic of how to not handle a crisis situation. Every organization in the world should thank them for paving the way to handling disaster. Just do the complete opposite of what the Houston Astros did. This is actually going to become a case study for PR teams in the future of all kinds. 

I can't wait to see what's next. Is it holding reporters at gun point and threatening them if they ask a cheating question? Who knows! Tune into tomorrow for more disaster!