The Goonies 2 Might Be Coming Soon With Steven Spielberg Back Involved

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Hollywood Life - Fans of the 1985 cult classic, The Goonies, have been waiting for a sequel for almost 30 years, and after TMZ cornered the film’s director, Richard Donner, it looks like their dreams may finally be coming true — a follow-up to the kids adventure flick is apparently on the way with a story by none other than the original film’s executive producer, the genius of Hollywood, Steven Spielberg. Almost 30 years later, Richard has announced a sequel to his masterpiece, The Goonies. Apparently, members of the original cast such as Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and Corey Feldman made their interest in doing a sequel known, which pushed Richard to get his wheels turning, or so says Nerdist. In the interview shot by TMZ, Richard does admit that “of course” Steven is involved, so as far as we’re concerned this sequel is really happening. In case you didn’t see the original, The Goonies is about a clique of outsider kids who live in an Astoria, Oregon neighborhood called the “Goon Docks.” In an effort to save their homes from demolition by the government, they discover an ancient map and follow it on an epic treasure hunting adventure. Appropriately, the sequel takes place 30 years later. It will be so interesting to see what the leads are up to all grown up. We have a distinct feeling they’ll still be young and adventurous at heart, and this treasure may even rival One-Eyed Willie’s!

How many more rumors and whispers about this are we going to hear? I wasn’t even born when the original Goonies came out, and they still have yet to make a sequel. And like a fine wine, I think they are finally deciding it’s time to pop the cork on it. Astin and Brolin and Feldman are all in on it. And Spielberg, who we sometimes forget came up with the story for the Goonies, is back in on this as well. I love that after movies like Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, and Lincoln, and a net worth at around 3.2 billion dollars according to Forbes, Spielberg is like fuck yea, let’s do the Goonies again. Classic old man move to just go out and have fun.



PS: One of my sneaky favorite Spielberg movies is Catch Me If You Can. I love all the classics, but there’s something about CMIYC where if it’s on cable, I have to watch it.