Wake Up With This Baby's Adorable Belly Laughs From The Bottom Of His Soul

Not sure what it's like in your corner of the world, but outside of the Casa de Clem it is a dreary, rainy ass Thursday. So we are going to turn the tide on this shitty morning by throwing some baby laughs in your ear since they can brighten any mood. I've said it on Podfathers countless times and I'll say it again. The only reason humans have made it this far as a species is because babies do juuuuuuust enough cute things to stop our ancestors from ditching them during the first year of their lives when they rob us of all our sleep and our money. I don't know what this mom's night was like before this video was taken but I guarantee those belly laughs made it all somehow worth it and she would fake sneeze for the rest of her life if she had to.

Now lets go out and have a hell of a Thursday so the weekend is that much closer (However don't any of you maniacs even THINK of trying to go half on a baby for Valentine's Day tomorrow unless you are 1000000% ready).