"There Is No Transfer Portal In The Real World" -Mel Tucker, 4 Months Before Transferring Jobs

In October, Mel Tucker had a massive boomer take about the transfer portal:

"There's no transfer portal in the real world," Tucker said.

At the time, this was incredibly ironic, considering that Mel Tucker literally used the transfer portal earlier that year when he transferred from being Georgia's DC to Colorado's HC. 

Last night, Mel Tucker used the transfer portal again:

What makes it even more hilarious is how Mel Tucker lied about the whole thing:

There's nothing wrong with Mel Tucker switching jobs. The problem is that Mel Tucker thinks he is allowed to switch jobs, but he believes his players shouldn't be allowed to. Mel Tucker was allowed to go out and make more money for him and his family, while it's just been reported that the NCAA has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying capitol hill to not allow their players to make money off their name, image, and likeness.

It's time to change the system.