Julian Edelman and Tom Brady are Flirting Really Hard on Instagram and My Heart is Full

OK, now this is how you social media. 

When you are the No. 1 story, not just in the NFL offseason but in all of sports - and if Bernie Sanders wins a couple of more primaries and wraps that up, the biggest story in North America for the foreseeable future - and there's no news coming out, everything you post has consequences. 

Nobody knows this like Tom Brady knows this. He's the GOAT of the internet. He understands the tectonic plates shift every time he presses SEND and we all feel the seismic movement under our feet. So everything he does is calculated. Everything has a deeper context. From wordless photos that set up ads for a streaming service to whose posts he likes. Nothing he says is without meaning. 

And how can we take anything away from this other than the obvious? You don't need Alex Cora banging on trash can lids to pick up the signal being sent here. Julian Edelman is the closest soulmate he's had on this team over the last 10 years. Maybe ever. And this is pure romance. Any husband posting a Valentine's Facebook tribute to his wife in order to make her girlfriends bite their lower lip and go, "Awww!" can only dream of expressing his sentiments that eloquently.

So I ask you, what signal can this possibly be sending other than Brady's staying in New England? No quarterback ever says, "Hey, come run routes for me so I can get tuned up to replace Phillip Rivers in LA next year." No free agent works out with soon-to-be-ex-teammates. And no half of the greatest bromance in sports tells the other half to fly 3,000 miles to reunite under the route tree, just to then immediately dump him as soon as someone easy lay like the Raiders start giving him the bedroom eyes. 

The bottom line is that this is the best indication we've gotten so far that Brady intends to stay. It's not everything, but it's all we've got to go on. And for now I'll take it.